In the summer of 1980, Froggy’s restaurant was founded by Gregg Mason and Thierry Lefeuvre, and has been a neighborhood bistro patronized by a loyal base of clintele ever since. New owners Bill and Sheri Cartwright and partner executive chef Thierry Lefeuvre have kept this place going and hopping for the last 30 years, continuously redesigning and renovating the shape to ensure an inviting and intimate ambiance.

The success of the Froggy’s dining experience—the décor, service, and most importantly, the cuisine—is rooted in its ability to maintain an atmosphere devoid of pretension while simultaneously being committed to a deep understanding of food, value, and the patron’s palate.

Thierry’s passion for cooking is reflected through his ability to evolve through the years following the trend and fashion of nouvelle cuisine. He demonstrated the ability to blend the old world classical style with the new fashion of cooking, creating dishes that are unique and flavorful without being heavy. The menu is constantly being reinvented and changed in accordance with the freshest seasonal ingredients. The chef creation is a “must” in order to truly taste and experience the menu.  The wine list contains a selection of 300 wines, French and American, at a value hard to find anywhere else, well-kept in a cave at the appropriate temperature and humidity.

After a few successful years, Froggy’s responded to the ever increasing customer demand for diversified services by opening Froggy’s Catering with Thierry Mace as the director of all off-premise affairs. Also born in Brittany and having worked in England, Germany, and the Caribbean, the two Thierrys decided to launch Froggy’s Catering. Keeping in line with the objective of providing clients with innovative food concepts, exceptional service, and good value, Froggy’s Catering has been offering customized catering services of the finest quality. From intimate dinner parties to large corporate events accommodating 600 guests, Froggy’s Catering always strives to provide the highest of standards throughout the Chicago land area and across the country.

Adding to Froggy’s repertoire as providing all around exceptional service, Froggy’s designed and opened “The Gourmet Frog” in 1987, a bakery and carry out place. The shop offers a wide gourmet selection of desserts, cakes, pastries and breads, as well as a carry-out menu for lunches and dinners. In addition, Gourmet Frog specializes in wedding cakes and can customize any special holiday cake.